5 Frequently asked questions about a web design company in Singapore

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The design of an e Commerce website should not be neglected. That is because the website will represent the business online. A poorly-designed platform will discourage customers from exploring your website. As a result, the company will not make a lot of sales. That is why e Commerce businesses hire web design company Singapore agencies to work on their website design.


If you are not familiar with the web design services Singapore process, you will have a lot of questions to ask. Other businesses owners may already have asked the questions you are thinking of. That is why in this article, we will cover the five frequently asked questions about a web design company in Singapore. We will also provide insights on how these questions will be answered.


Are the websites built from scratch or through templates?


Most web design company Singapore firms build the website from scratch. That is because they are the ones who do the design themselves. They draw sketches of how the website will look and what are their possible features. Using a template will make it difficult for them to develop the website design. Thus, this will be likely the answer of most of your web design services Singapore prospects. 


However, there are cases that a web design company Singapore business uses templates. This is normally what they offer to business owners that do not have an idea of the website design they like. Most of them create the website design templates from scratch. Some use website builders or other similar platforms. However, take note that templates are cheaper than the ones built from scratch. Thus, make sure you are charged accordingly by the web design services Singapore company.


What is the turnaround time for a website design project?


The turnaround time will depend on many factors. One of them is how quick is the decision-making of the client. It won't take the web design company Singapore enterprise to develop it if they already have a design figured out. It will also depend on how complicated the website design is. The more complex the design, the longer it will take.


Lastly, the number of website designers working on the project will determine how fast it will be completed. More people working on the project means it will have a fast turnaround time. Usually, a simple designed website can be completed up to two weeks. A larger and more complex website design may take up to three months. Thus, you should ask the web design services Singapore agency on how many people will work on the project.


Will I be charged by hour or by project?


The answer to this question will depend on the web design company Singapore services that are offered. There are even design companies that offer both. By hour charges are usually cheaper than by project. However, some website design projects are best charged by project since it is more cost effective. Usually, by hour charges are suitable if you wish to work with the web design services Singapore firm for long term. While by-project charges are perfect for short-term. Thus, it is best if you figure out if your website design project is for long term or short term.


Is content writing part of the website design project?


Most of the time content writing is a separate service from a website design project. Usually, web design company Singapore businesses offer this as a complementary service and are charged separately. Other times web design companies do not offer this. However, there are design companies that offer packages with the inclusion of content writing. Thus, if your eCommerce website will rely heavily on content, it is best to hire a web design services Singapore enterprise that offers content writing services.


Will the website be mobile-friendly?


This is something that you should make sure with the website design company. A mobile-friendly website design is not something that a company only wants. It is now a main necessity in website designing. That is because most people view websites on their mobile devices. Thus, if your website design is not responsive towards different screen sizes, your eCommerce business will miss out on lots of potential customers. Thus, it is important that the website design company will answer this affirmatively.


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Those are the five frequently asked questions about a web design company in Singapore. If you have more questions that are not mentioned here, you can list them down and have the web design firm answer it. When picking a website design agency to work with, make sure they can work towards your goals. 

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