Gov. Gavin Newsom, the class clown

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As of the latest tally, after a year and change of school shutdowns, only 47% of California students have returned for on-campus instruction, including only 42% of secondary school students.

The ‘distance learning’ has been going on for so long some parents have been forced to hire private tutors to teach their children Critical Race Theory and trans-sexual pronoun usage.

In Los Angeles County, only 34% of students are back in school, which is just over one-third of students.

Not that LAUSD kids would know that — because they haven’t taken a math class in over a year.

After a year of not having the personal connection you get only with in-person learning, some students have actually been forced to break up with their teachers and start dating people their own age.

Understanding that this reality is toxic when you’re trying to avoid being recalled, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has promised parents “a restorative summer filled with reconnection, enrichment and joy.”

Brave of him to take on the powerful anti-joy lobby.

Getting California students back in the classroom this fall will certainly make an angry electorate a lot less angry by the time recall ballots start going out in the mail.

But making this happen has been no easy task.

California teachers have simply refused to return to work for the past year.

Remember back in the old days when it was students who got a note from their doctors excusing them from school?  Now that note is in the other hand.

In Los Angeles, after prolonged, aggressive obstinance, LAUSD teachers have finally voted to approve a labor deal that will result in a return to traditional in-person instruction.

The problem is that this return has one caveat: a lot of expensive caveats.

LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner told KNBC that the district has implemented “the highest set of safety standards of any school district in the nation” to protect against COVID-19 as campuses welcomed back students this spring, pointing to upgraded air-filtration systems, sanitation efforts and ample supplies of protective equipment.

Among the provisions of the labor agreement, is a requirement for COVID-19 testing a minimum of every two weeks and an accompanying public “dashboard” to report all positive cases.

I guess the PCR test is the only kind of standardized testing these teachers approve of.

The deal also calls for mandatory symptom-screening of all students, staff, and visitors entering a school site, along with continued physical distancing requirements and mandatory wearing of masks, supplied by the district.

I know why LA’s teachers want to keep wearing their masks…If I were cheating millions of kids out of their right to an education, I’d wear a mask over my face, too.

Given the fact that the district cried uncle and gave in to all of these costly and unnecessary demands, it’s obvious it’s the UTLA who’s running the show.

With a declining enrollment and a population that’s headed for the turnstiles, I’d love to know how LAUSD is going to pay for all of this COVID-19 theater.

Most of them can’t even afford to maintain an AV squad.

No one is more to blame for this debacle than Gavin Newsom.

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic, Newsom has assumed and enjoyed emergency powers, and has no plans to give them up.

At a news conference earlier this month, Newsom said, “The emergency remains in effect after June 1 5…We’re still in a state of emergency. This disease has not been extinguished. It’s not managed. It’s not taking the summer months off.”

Intellectually, how can you tell the teachers that it’s safe to go back to work, when you yourself won’t give up your emergency powers?

The truth is, you can’t.

Talk about a guy who needs to be held back a year.

Newsom used his emergency powers to keep L.A. students out of class for over a year.

He has earned an “F” for his handling of the COVID pandemic,  and let’s hope an “Incomplete” for his term as governor….and that, my fellow Californians, is grading on a curve.

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