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Walnut Creek condemns
anti-Asian violence

The increase in violent crimes toward the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, especially toward the elderly, is reprehensible. These events are antithetical to Walnut Creek’s beliefs.

Every member of our community deserves to live, learn and work in a world free of racism, discrimination, and violence. Together, we bear a responsibility to lift our next generations ever higher.

Walnut Creek joins cities across the country in lowering our flags to half-staff through March 22 in solidarity with the victims of the senseless acts of violence perpetrated on March 16 in Atlanta. We condemn all forms of racism and scapegoating of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

We hold hope as people from different cultures and communities rise together to condemn hate. A community of belonging does not happen at the expense of others.

Kevin Wilk
Mayor, Walnut Creek
Cherise Khaund
President, Mount Diablo Unified School District Board
Heidi Hernandez Gatty
President, Walnut Creek School District Board 

Here are ways to live
safely with coyotes

Re. “Tests indicate coyote that stalked area was not rabid,” Page B9, March 19:

There are reasons for wild coyotes biting humans.

A healthy coyote fearful of humans would not be approaching them and biting them. It’s likely he had been fed by them.

Wild animals and humans can get along together safely in our urban environment. Don’t encourage coyote-human interaction. I wonder how “]

Susan Freeman
Walnut Creek

Help return Berkeley
shellmound to Ohlone

Help fight to preserve the West Berkeley Shellmound. This is one of the last “undeveloped” local Ohlone sacred sites.

Ohlone peoples and allies have been fighting this development for years. Recently, a legal proceeding took place – favoring the developers. Barbed wire fencing was put up, preventing prayer gatherings from taking place. Even prayers and messages put up on the fence have been torn down.

Note the two developer strategies used: Getting a native Ohlone member to “testify” this was not a sacred site; and changing their plans, to offer more low-cost housing as part of the development. Looks good, but dividing oppressed peoples in order to take land is one of the most brutal and insidious tactics the powerful have used throughout our history to take land from indigenous people.

Help stop this development and turn the land back to the Ohlone peoples.

Nancy Feinstein

Expanding vaccine pool
will not be effective

Our government leaders are bragging about making everyone eligible for the COVID vaccine by May 1 (“Newsom: Vaccines for all in 51/2 weeks,” Page A1, March 20). People in priority groups still can’t get appointments, and now we’re going to add more people to the “eligible” group, making it even harder for those in priority groups to get vaccinated.

I thought we established priority groups for a reason. It’s time for our government leaders to focus on outcomes rather than appearances. Sure looks good to say everyone is now eligible, but it will be even less effective at getting people at higher risk vaccinated.

John Griggs

Let’s guarantee
mail-in ballots for all

I believe that AB 37, which mandates a mail-in ballot be mailed to the residence of every registered voter in California, will allow for more representative elections.

I grew up in Stockton and couldn’t help but notice how apathetic most teenagers were. Not every teenager has the privilege to vote or to understand what they’re voting for. Underrepresented young adults today are full of potential, and it’s only right to engage them in political issues that directly impact them. AB37 helps those unable to get to the polls on Election Day. As a college student, the 2020 election by mail-in-ballot was efficient and painless — I didn’t have to sacrifice anything to fulfill my civic duty.

This is why I support AB 37; ensuring the bill is passed brings us one step closer to a more just democracy.

Gabriella Backus

Column takes quote
by Kirby out of context

Victor Davis Hanson gets it wrong when he claims that U.S. military officials are comparing Tucker Carlson to the communist Chinese military (“Why is the U.S. military choosing new enemies?” Page A7, March 19). When he used the John Kirby quote, “What we absolutely won’t do is take personnel advice from a talk show host or the Chinese military,” he took it out of context.

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A Vorkapich
Walnut Creek

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